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Using the most modern applications and technologies. we can offer high quality results at low prices. Contact us to find out how reasonably you can have the website that meets your needs.


Transfer your pre-existing or newly created website to our servers, at the lowest prices. Ensure that your customers will find you anytime they need backed by our 99,98% uptime that our servers show for the last 2 year period. Additionally, rest assured that you will always find us for speedy updates or support issues.


For the duration of your account we guarantee that you will have the fastest and most reliable support available. A parameter whose absence is usually realised at the worst moment, at the time you deed it the most. Put your worries at rest, knowing that won't have to face the challenges of IT alone ever again.


The building blocks of your site are the applications that support it, and we always keep them updated to the latest stable release, ensuring that you will be able to implement anything innovative and popular that might hit the market. You also know that our team is constantly monitoring the IT developments and is always ready to guide you towards the best available solution.


The content management (CMS) wave is here, and for good reason, as it allows the end user to easily update and manage content through web applications. We will show how it's done and you will have the opportunity to update regularly and effectively your content

Joomla 1.7 is Here!

Just recently the new, improved Joomla version was released, v1.7! The new version offers many new elements such as one click updates, increased security (ACL), better multi-lingual support, search engine optimisations (SEO), redirects and many more. It promises to enhance the experience for designers, coders and end-users. At we are ready to offer to those who seek top-of-the-line solutions the advantages of the new version
Our Beliefs

We aspire to provide services of the highest standards at the most competitive pricing. We operate under a modern, simplistic and functional mentality, both in design and coding. We believe every partnership is valuable and continuous and we take all precautionary measures in order to insure that our clients enjoy a responsive and rich cooperation from our part, especially after project delivery.


We select our collaborators judging by their alignment to the above principles and their up-to-date and solid knowledge at the required skills. We try to maintain our core competencies in-house but we outsource the contribution of specialists when the situation calls, so that we can cover the whole spectrum of demands by our clients.


We guarantee that we will remain loyal to this mentality and that we will continue to offer the same level of excellence to our customers in the years to come.



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